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Our Company!
  Northland Beverages is a Yukon business established in 1956, solely owned by a Yukon Family - Con Lattin, President and managed by Gerry Thick. We are committed to the Yukon and have promoted and sponsored many groups and events in the Yukon. The Yukon is our Home!!!

Our Goal!
  To be your complete beverage supplier and provide you with the best service available in the Yukon!

   Northland Beverages is a franchised distributor of Pepsi Cola and Schweppes Products along with other fine beverage products. We also sell and service Visi Coolers and Vending Equipment for the sale and display of our products. If you click on the Products link at the top left hand corner you will find a list of products we sell and links to their international websites. Some of the sites are fun and interesting to visit. We hope you enjoy visiting some of them.

You can click on the ordering link and order products from Northland Beverages. YOU MUST TURN OFF YOUR POP UP BLOCKER TO MAKE AN ORDER. To use the system, select the package you wish to order. From the Pop Up window, enter the quantity of cases of each product you wish to order then click add. Please note the quantity has a default value of 1, highlight the number and type in the quantity you want before you click add.
The product is not added to your order until you click add. If you wish to order other packages with your order, scroll to the package you wish to order and continue with your order. When you are finished selecting all products and packages you wish to order, close the Pop Up window, Enter your Account Name and shipping information, who you want your order to be delivered by and your email address.

If there are any products you wish to delete from this order you can still do so, otherwise click on the order button. Once you click on the order button your order has been sent to Northland Beverages. IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY USING OUR ORDER FORM, PLEASE CALL US (867) 667-2602 AND WE WILL BE HAPPY TO WALK YOU THOUGH THE PROCESS.

Northland Beverages will confirm receipt of your order to the email address you entered in the order form. It is important that you type your email address in correctly to get your reply. If you do not get a reply please call(867) 667-2602 or 1 800 667-2458. Thank you for your support!!

You can click on the ORDER PEPSI for a refillable pdf Northland Order Sheet. Firefox does not support refillable PDF documents If you want the reffilable document download wih another browser.
Fill out the form and print it and fax to Northland Beverages 867-667-2458
Fill out the form, save your order on your computer and email it to Northland Beverages orderpepsi@yukonpepsi.ca

Contact Us!
If you want to contact us click on the contact us link and fill out the form and click send to send it to us.

Enjoy your stay!